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BMW Turbo KitsUnbelievable Power from the N54 3.0 Liter Twin Turbo

BMW N54 Atmosphere™ Turbo Kit

The M3's Worst Nightmare

The first two characters to come to mind for BMW performance are always "M3". We're here to change that. From the factory, the BMW N54 motor has enticing performance from its twin turbo 3.0L, but we saw plenty of area for improvement. These motors make great power with bolt-ons, but we wanted to push the amount of power possible from the N54 with a totally bolt-on turbo kit.

Ford Turbo KitsThe Focus and Mustang EcoBoost with Big Torque

Ford Focus ST Atmosphere™ Turbo Kit

A Faster Ford (That isn't a Mustang)

Fast Fords don't have to be Mustangs. With the new cp-e™ Atmosphere™ Turbo Kit, America's hottest hatch can level the playing field with its big rear wheel drive muscle car friends. With excellent fitment and awesome performance, the Atmosphere™ Turbo Kit is the clear choice for big power on the Ford 2.0T.




Ford Mustang EcoBoost Atmosphere™ Turbo Kit

Big Horsepower for the Little Mustang

The Mustang has been America’s attainable sports car since 1964. Up until recently the V8 has received all of the attention, and rightfully so.

With over 400hp from the factory, and loads of torque, it’s a natural choice for an enthusiast. Luckily for all of us, Ford introduced the EcoBoost to shake things up a bit. With a very stout 305hp from the factory, the Mustang EcoBoost has plenty of room to gain power and benefits from better weight distribution and better driving dynamics than the V8.

We saw this EcoBoost as a blank canvas for what could be the most exciting platform in years. RWD combined with turbo tunability and a powerful 2.3L are a winning combo. We’ve developed Atmosphere turbo kits for the EcoBoost in both Precision and Borg Warner EFR mounts. With proven 10 second quarter mile times, our EcoBoost big turbo kits mean business.

Hyundai Turbo KitsBringing Unparalleled Performance to the 2.0T

Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Atmosphere™ Turbo Kit

High Powered Hyundai

With rear wheel drive, great looks, and a 2.0T, the Hyundai Genesis didn't seem like it could get any better. That was before cp-e™ created the Atmosphere™ Turbo and re-imagined the performance possibilies. With the Atmosphere™ Turbo Kit, you get a bolt on big turbo that truly unlocks the potential for this platform.

Mazdaspeed Turbo KitsBig Power for the Mazdaspeed 3 & Mazdaspeed6

Mazdaspeed3 Atmosphere™ Turbo Kit

More Speed for the Mazdaspeed

Introducing Atmosphere™, the new Mazdaspeed3 Turbo Kit by cp-e™. The ultimate big turbo upgrade for your Mazdaspeed3 application includes everything you need to take care of your need for speed and to take your car from a stock turbo to a new Tial Stainless Steel Big Turbo.




Mazdaspeed6 Atmosphere™ Turbo Kit

Tons of Power for Mazda's AWD Sedan

The Mazdaspeed6 seems to get very little love from tuners. The truth is this platform has a stout 2.3L Turbo and the AWD to get that power to the ground.

In factory form, the Mazdaspeed6 is a very tossable, lively car with sufficent power. The good news is we can take that power from sufficent to earth-shattering.

Turbo ChoicesGarrett GT-R and GTX-R Series Tial Turbos

Tial GTX-R Ball Bearing Turbo Line Up

(Offered for BMW, Mazdaspeed and Ford Focus Application)

Tial GTX2867R


Tial GTX3071R


Tial GTX3076R


Tial GTX3582R


Precision Turbo Line Up

(Only Offered for Mustang Application)

PTE 5558


PTE 5858


PTE 5862


PTE 6262


PTE 6266


PTE 6766


Borg Warner EFR Turbo Line Up

(Only Offered for Mustang Application)

EFR 7064


EFR 7670


EFR 8374


EFR 9180


cp-e Atmosphere Tial Sport TurbosWhat sets our Tial Sport based turbos apart from the rest.

Everyone who knows a thing or two about turbocharged vehicles knows that swapping your car’s turbo is the fast track to tons of power. Swapping your turbo out with a larger unit is a great way to make more power, but unfortunately not all turbos are created equal. Enter the cp-e Atmosphere Tial Sport Turbo.

cp-e specializes in a proprietary turbo built with the best components from the leading turbo manufacturers in the industry. With the cp-e Atmosphere Tial Sport Turbo our end goal is not only to offer the best turbo, but to offer the most complete turbo system on the market.

cp-e Atmosphere Tial Sport Turbo Features

  • Reliable Garrett GT / GTX cartridges
  • Custom machined cold side housing
  • Same size outside diameter GT28-GT35
  • Can be used to upgrade an existing cp-e Atmosphere turbo kit
  • Design optimized for maximum flow
  • Stainless steel construction

When building a cp-e Atmosphere Tial Sport Turbo we start the world renowned Garrett cartridge as the central building block. From there we use a large Garrett EC1 cold side housing that is machined to perfectly match the cartridge of your choice. We’ve found that the bellmouth machining on the smaller size turbos benefits flow and each cartridge and cold side are perfectly matched. This allows for the same outside diameter across all turbo cartridges.

The same is true of our hot side housing. Here we use the proven lightweight Tial Sport V-Band housing. These stainless steel housings weigh less than their iron Garrett counterparts and all share the same outside diameter for the V-bands. This allows you to use the same downpipe and external wastage regardless of turbo size.

In practice, this means that you’ll never need to re-purchase any parts other than a turbo if you plan to move up in size. Say you want to have a car that is competitive in a road race one week but need to turn up the boost and move to a larger turbo the next week. Our turbo kits can gladly accommodate this change. In fact you can go from GT28 to GT35 without the need to replace any supporting parts. With the same outside footprint for all of our turbos, upgrading down the road couldn’t be more simple.

Machined Cold Side Housing

Our cold side housings start life as a Garrett EC1 housing. This blank housing is then custom machined to optimize flow and perfectly match the Garrett cartridge.

Garrett Cartridge

Garrett cartridges are the industry standard. We’ve stuck with what works for the heart and soul of our turbos.

Tial Sport Hotside Housing

For the hot side, we use a proven Tial Sport housing. These housings have the same outside diameter regardless of turbo size. Much like our cold side housings, this allows for all of the same supporting parts to be used when you decide to go with a larger turbo down the road.

HardwareTotally bolt-on kits with zero vehicle modification.

Truly Bolt-On Kits

The hard part of any turbo kit is education, pairing, sourcing and figuring out all the different way you can run your coolant and oil lines for your turbo kit and wastegates for cooling.  This is all alleviated and gone with the Atmosphere™ Turbo Kits.  Comes with all the hardware you need for a easy, clean , successful installation.  And did we mention not cutting of your Automobile?  Correct!  There is no modifications needed for your Atmosphere™ turbo kit.

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